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About Us....

The Endicott Review is the print undergraduate literary review at Endicott College. It is also open to submissions from outside Endicott College.To have your work considered send an email to: dsklar@endicott.edu

Faculty Advisor: Dan Sklar
Dan Calnan: Editor-in-Chief
Content Editors: Doug Holder and Kimberly Pavlovich

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The new issue of the Endicott Review due out this month! April 2016.

Art by Lauren Gallagher

This is a sample of the great art work that will be featured in the literary journal The Endicott Review.

And a sample poem:

By the Editors


Alex Munteanu

I wonder if Rome ever stops
being Rome,
that place,
the one where you forgot
about the boy back home,
the emails you didn’t send,
the milk left in the fridge—
and fell in love
with the history of everything
that came before you.
It’s hard, I hope,
to forget Rome
once you’ve seen it.
Difficult to disregard how it made you
happy, finally.
Does it become boring?
The Colosseum equated to the supermarket,
a paper mill,
dog shit on the sidewalk—
unimportant, easily ignored.
Is Rome forgotten?
A lost key, shoelace,
button off a sweater, a dead watch battery.
Will I remember?

 The Endicott Review

Kimberly Pavlovich, Editor-in-Chief

Volume 33, Issue 1

Spring 2016

Editorial Board

Victoria Pulvidente

Ariana Mackey

Alex Munteanu

Brenna Shanahan

Meg Reilly

Sarah Schuyler

Connor O’Keefe

Briana O’Reilly


Juyoung Jang

Jungyub Song


Alvarado, Antolini, Barker, Bemis, Bolling, Bottome, Callahan, Camacho, Carmody, Carroll,

Casey, Chidsey, Clark, Clarke, Cline, Costello, Cronin, Dalke, Decker, Dube, Fondo,

Fullam, Gallagher, Garrity, Ghamo, Grabowski, Grass, Greeley, Hall, Jensen, Kemnitz,

Kenneally, Kenney, Knight, Knowles, Kuhn, Lambert, Leis, Lemieux, Lewis, Limperis,

Lupini, Mackey, Malone, Mandl, Martin, Meanq, Moyer, Munroe, Munteanu, Mustone,

Newman, O’Keefe, O’Reilly, Pavlovich, Persichilli, Pulvidente, Reilly, Restivo, Rosol, Sadeek,

Sarabin, Schuyler, Shanahan, Sheehan, Shippie, Silverman, Slone, Smith, Solis, Stevens, Stout,

Surabian, Theodore, Walukevich, Weaver, Wilson, Yandow, Young, Yuan

Faculty Advisor

Daniel Sklar

Faculty Editor

Doug Holder

Photography Editor

Michael Miller

Cover Art

Claudia Weaver

The Endicott Review

is produced by the School of Arts and Sciences at Endicott College and consists of creative work from the

Endicott community and other contributors. All work remains under the ownership of the authors.

Copyright: The Endicott Review 2016. All rights reserved.

Send submissions to endicottreview@gmail.com

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