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About Us....

The Endicott Review is the print undergraduate literary review at Endicott College. It is also open to submissions from outside Endicott College.To have your work considered send an email to: dsklar@endicott.edu

Faculty Advisor: Dan Sklar
Dan Calnan: Editor-in-Chief
Content Editors: Doug Holder and Kimberly Pavlovich

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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Artwork  Paige Greeley

Beverly, Massachusetts

Volume 32, Issue 1
Spring 2015

Editorial Board
Kimberly Pavlovich, Editor-in-Chief
Victoria Pulvidente
Alex Munteanu
Ariana Mackey
Brenna Shanahan
Quinn Waddell

Barrett, Bassett, Bottome, Brown, Carlson, Chamberlain, Cirignano, Cooper, Czernicki, D'Aurora, Davis, Doulou, Drought, Duquette, Dutcher, Fish, Gnau, Goodwin, Graney, Greeley, Gruber, Halpin, Inestrosa, Leary, Limperis, Limbu,  Llerena, Mackey, Marston, McDonagh, M. Miller, C. Miller, Mountford, Moyer, Munteanu, Murphy, Newman, O'Hara, Parneros, Pavlovich, Perez-O’Dess, Petrie, Pineau, Pinette, Pulvidente, Restivo, Ritz, Rizzo, Sabbag, Shanahan Sklar, Skutnik, Smith, St. Cyr, Stover, Swarts, Tsiatsios, van Oostendrop, Walukevich, Wysocki, Yuan, Zinkus, Shippie

Faculty Advisor
Daniel Sklar

Faculty Editor
Doug Holder

Photography Editor
Michael Miller

Cover Art
Kelsey Drought

Cover Design

is produced by the School of Arts and Sciences at Endicott College and consists of creative work from the Endicott community and other contributors. All work remains under the ownership of the authors.

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Here is a sample poem from one of our talented undergraduates:

Football Players        
Julia Cirignano

I just want to lie in your bed
And pretend that we are in love
Because it makes my life bearable
I want to drink captains with coke
On a Thursday night
Because it holds back the tears
I want your attention
But I won't let you strip me
Please don't take it personally
I don't want you because you don't want me
Not in the way that I want you to
I want you because you are warm blooded
So I guess we're both to blame
Sometimes I smoke cigarettes
Just to be around sad people
And to remind myself that I am not normal
And I know you think it's gross
But you've never lived a creative life
So you don't understand how unsettling it can be
Sometimes I eat a lot of chocolate
Or I drive my car too fast down 128
And I think about how peaceful it would be
To crash into the delicate guardrail
But I don't so you don't have to be worried
The idea of safety terrifies me
So maybe we are not meant to be together
Because you love normal and you don't believe in ghosts
You're confused by my confusion
And uneasy about the things I question
So I will just lie in your bed
In all my clothes
Next to a warm blooded boy
And you will hate me for my thoughts
And I will hate you for your lack of thoughts
But we will kiss
And I will stay