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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Sample Poems from Spring 2019

Stained Glass Window
Allie Hastings

I think what is perhaps most powerful

Is that one single thing

Can instantly make you think of a certain person

And this memory will stick with you forever.

It doesn’t even matter how much

Time has passed.

It could be a few months,

A year,

Or decades later.

You’ll be in the car,

And a song will come on the radio

Or you’ll be on a date with someone new,

Watching a scene in a movie.

You’ll hear the sound of ocean waves,

Feel the breeze of a cool summer morning,

Or pass a stranger in a bookstore

And your mind will transport back

To a specific moment of the past,

A time signified by the presence

Of that one person,

And all the emotions you’ve kept bottled up inside

Will nestle beside your heart again,

Illuminating the images of a story

Embedded deep within your soul.

George Rosatone

Let’s rob the bank

Watch the cameras, they are everywhere.

Be mindful of our hostages, keep them in check.

Don’t shoot the damn teller.

Be patient with the vault, it will take time.

Listen for sirens.

Listen for anything.

Please don’t shoot my goddamn teller.

Make sure you have all the money, every dollar.

Now go buy yourself something nice.

And close the vault on your way out.

The Vernal Equinox
Ana Tunberg

It’s distinct


Fresh plant breeze Not quite, it’s too early Water

From melting ice and snow


Sun rays

Hit my pupils


A yellow filter


More chatter

Birds, bees, bugs, my thoughts

My inner music

Wakes up


Hug of the breeze

Not a punch

Lighter, easier steps

Corners of mouths

Face upwards

Bigger breaths

Less resistant lungs

Salt on my fingertips

Soul feelings




Life is a movie

Instead of reality

The emotional zenith

The seasonal convalescence The vernal equinox

Facial Awareness
Brittany Rogers

It is sweet and supple and i love to write, i hate to read.

The outline of a face: the dark, cloudy eyes connected to thin lines of brows, sloping down into the triangle noses.

People have these faces, you see, they wear their circles of blush and crooked teeth like gravestones every day. Pillows of pink lips and ears that protrude from their heads like tumors. Freckles that stab into foreheads and leave them

to bleed. Thick hair raised from dry scalps. Faces that tell stories and hear sounds. Love and bleed and dance. It’s incredible—lips that hum and noses that run. Eyes that blink, blink until the tears come out or the sleep overtakes them. Brows that raise and lower like curtains to a play you sat through when you were ten. Cheeks that blush and become apples. Brains that think and don’t.

Sophie Bubrick

I drew out my letter in a thick ink. An ink so thick that you could feel my mission pouring out of me. The letters came out in a rampage of cursive, every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed at astonishing speed. His train left at midnight.

I had to write faster. And as I did, I could remember every small insignificant detail about our past, but couldn’t seem to remember the important moments. I remember the way my hands clutched the side of my blue floral skirt that night in the kitchen. His hair was a mess, work shirt unbuttoned at the collar, crimson red tie loosened and the sleeves rolled up to the elbows. If a neighbor were to have walked by our window that warm summer evening, they would have thought he was an alcoholic. He was nothing of the sort. He was lost in his work.

My room is dimly lit with two candles. One next to me and my paper and the other on the mantle of the bedroom fireplace behind me. I like to write in front of my dresser mirror because it is only in moments like these where I look up and find a vulnerable visage staring back.

A small tear runs steadily from my eye. It is stained black from the makeup I paint myself with. I wear my dark red velvet gown. I don’t have plans tonight. But I sit perfectly straight on my cushioned dressing chair as if I were the Queen of England herself.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Masthead 2019

The Endicott Review
Volume 36, Issue 1

Spring 2019

Editorial Board

Dan Calnan, Editor-in-Chief

Sophie Bubrick

Shayna Bussey

Emma Cundari

Jen Grimes

Allie Hastings

Rianon Prushinski

Brittany Rogers

George Rosatone

Ana Tunberg

Colby Yokell


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Rosatone,­ Rose, Scribner, Servidio, Shaw, Shin, Silva, Slovak, Smith, Stanley, Stockwell,

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The Endicott Review

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Endicott Review 2018

                                                                  SAMPLE POEMS

By Jenna Gleason

I haven’t slept in years.

I don’t miss it though,

I don’t miss the drowning,

in high tides of deep dreams,

that accompanies me

every time I close my eyes

and surrender to exhaustion.

If anything, I’m happier

without them. Some nights

I take a walk when the rest

of the world is asleep and

the beach is bare, yet awake

with the sound of nature.

The noise is comforting,

I’ve grown to fear the silence

that pervades this campus

after midnight. But, when

my skin intertwines with

sea salt and sanded wind,

and I’m drifting away on top

of the placid ripples of waves,

my body becomes serene,

as if you never left me. I’d like to disappear too but instead I continue on, captive within my own corpse, floating and sinking aimlessly, until you come back to kiss me goodnight.

Rebecca Kenneally

The spiders came out in the night

and left streamers of silver

draped delicately over leaf and stem,

over goldenrod and birch.

I know the party wasn’t for me, but I was honored all the same.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sample Poems from The Endicott Review 2017

By the Editors

Self Image
Alexandra Munteanu

The mirror in my soul

leaves nothing to the imagination and you’re pretending not to see it, waiting for me to give up the ruse but there’s nothing magical

about a girl who doesn’t know what she’s made of

Tea & Honey

Victoria Pulvidente

hair tied up in a knot, cup of tea in one hand,

toast drenched with honey in the other

she sits cross-legged on the mattress her eyes widen

her pale lips open slightly goosebumps rise on her bare legs and when the door swings open she’s been waiting for his return

Silent Screams Mean Everything

Megan Theodore

i have died

over and over again choking on my own silence words clog my throat

they build up, fill my lungs and nose

until everything i’ve never said kills me, over and over again3


Sarah Schuyler

I’m waiting.

Three years ago, I moved.

I left. I packed up my belongings And squeezed them into two cars

Along with the hope that would carry my heart Into a new life brimming with endless possibilities.

I relished each new season and each and every moment,

Filled with joys as well as sorrows. I only have one more year left, And even though I’ve spent so much time doing

So many different things that it feels like time will always Be one step ahead of me in an endless race,

I’m still waiting.

I don’t always know what for, but I’m already sensing the change, The move, the calm after the radiant storm that will encompass the Diplomas and preschool graduations and champagne and late nights.

I’m terrified of it, this change, this unknowing, this endless chasm of

Thirty million what-if’s and the answers that I can never form into coherent speech. It’s almost easier sometimes to be complacent, to be content;

To find solace in a sheltered little bubble by the ocean where

I now know almost everything that I didn’t before. But every time an airplane soars above the cloudy sky, Or when I see the world through my child’s eyes

I remember why we have to leave, and it’s exhilarating. I’m done waiting.

The only thing that’s waiting is the world, And it’s waiting for us.

Connor O’Keefe

We’ve spent so long waiting to see you pay

Me and this monkey on my shoulder For all that you did

Waiting for some measure of justice Days to weeks

Weeks to months Months to years

Waiting to see you as low as we were Me and this devil on my shoulder Waiting until we can’t wait anymore Then waiting more

That’s all a grudge is

Waiting for the other guy to shit the bed For him to screw it up

And waiting to watch it all fall apart with a smile

Waiting and waiting

Until we realize it’s not happening And all that time spent on spite Was wasted

And I have to move on

Me and this nobody on my shoulder But until that day

We wait

Revelations of Truth
Marie Mello

Until you have been stripped Of words & possessions…

You really don’t know your True Self Or how Strong you really are…
Or even where your Heart lies… Waiting for a sign, for the pain to end…
Is a blessing…

Because you build strength

And eventually that pain, that truth, and the love of self Leads you to the right path…

Hold on to the belief that you are enough

That path & the next chapter are going to be the best yet…

Sunday Night Football

Alysha Howes

Texts were flowing in like rapid fire


8:30 couldn’t come soon enough

Homework had to get done

And obviously had to get ready for all the fun

Rissy had her red Edelman jersey on Nikki was preparing chips and dip

I was nervous because the love of my life, Gronk, wasn’t playing

Jimmy G’s first game,

Must be hard being compared to TB12

Rissy ran to One Stop because she’s now 21

Needed Bud Light for good luck to our favorite squad

Chips, beer and football

Screaming, heart attacks and questions from our roommates that are clueless


Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Endicott Review
Volume 34, Issue 1
Spring 2017

Editorial Board
Victoria Pulvidente, Editor-in-Chief
Alexandra Munteanu
Megan Theodore
Brenna Shanahan
Sarah Schuyler
Connor O’Keefe
Regan Jameson

Barton, Bemis, Broere, Burke, Bussey, Casey, Catania, Cirignano, Comorre, Cosgrove, Cosgrove, DelGenio, Desmond, Dickinson, Dieterich, Disko, Duhamel, Dumas, Efstratios, Flynn, Gaffey, Ghamo, Giordano, Grace, Greenley, Harris, Hartwell, Hensel, Herz, Holman, Howes, Isenburg, Jameson, Kenney, Kim, Knowles, Lang, Mason, Massaro, McManus, Mello, Moran, Munteanu, Neukirch, Ocko, O’Keefe, Ortiz, Powers, Pulvidente, Rasmussen, Richer, Riel, Riley, Rivas, Rivers, Rotroti, Sabbag, Salina, Saunders, Schuyler, Sears, Shanahan, Slone, Surabian, Theodore, Turi, Valencourt, Vieno, Walter, Williams, Wynn, Yannone, Zompa, Zubhuza

Faculty Advisor
Dan Sklar

Faculty Editor
Doug Holder

Photography Editor
Michael Miller

Kimberly Pavlovich

Cover Art
Lindsay Dieterich

The Endicott Review
is produced by the School of Arts and Sciences at Endicott College and
consists of creative work from the Endicott community and other contributors.
All work remains under the ownership of the authors.

Copyright: The Endicott Review 2016. All rights reserved.

Send submissions to endicottreview@gmail.com

By the Editors

Self Image, Alexandra Munteanu

Silent Screams Mean Everything, Megan Theodore

Tea & Honey, Victoria Pulvidente

Grudges, Connor O’Keefe

Waiting, Sarah Schuyler

Revelations of Truth, Marie Mello
Happiness, Rob Neukirch
To The Only Friend I Ever Had, Sergio Ortiz
When’s The Bus Coming? Alison Efstratios
J.I., Kylie Isenburg
Stockholm Syndrome, Danielle Comorre
Nothing Special, Soobin Kim
Lurking., Victoria Pulvidente
Sidney, Brenna Shanahan
This Is Good Advice, Alexandra Munteanu
Sunday Night Football, Alysha Howes
(Haiku) Early Morning, Kayla Barton
Starcrazed, Ted Richer
Brutal Beauty, Shayna Bussey
The More Things Change The More They Stay The Same, Colin Flynn
Pregame Atmosphere, Carter Ocko
In The Closet, Danielle Comorre
I Am 16, Derek Yannone
12 A.M., Mackenzie Riel
My City, Gerard Wynn
21, Colin Mason
Today, Nicolette Massaro
Callahan, Ilyza Holman
Ravioli Life, Danielle Moran
Requiem for a Gull, Connor O’Keefe
Stay, Sarah Schuyler
She Doesn’t Know Me Like You Do,  Jamie Zompa
“Write About Your Dreams” Kristyn Riley
Her, Diego Rivas
Soared, Lydia Rasmussen
Thus Spoke, Sarah Powers
Stone Wall, Michael Cosgrove
Hope, Marielle Sabbag
Wondering Tree, Kathleen Cosgrove
Acute, Julia Cirignano
Human, Victoria Pulvidente
Slow Going, Alexandra Munteanu
Rainy Days, Allison Salina
Sleepless Nights, Abigail Vieno
Lost Kingdom, Julia Cirignano
Champagne, Katie Burke
My Mother’s Backyard Feeder, Micah Desmond
Shattered Strength, Caroline Casey
Linger, Shawna Dickinson
Listening to the piano before work, Salvatore Ghamo
White, Jessica Kenney
Spoiled Milk, Alexandra Munteanu
Long Distance, Diego Rivas
L’Anse Amour, G. Tod Slone
Good Enough, Sarah Schuyler
All In Your Head, Connor O’Keefe
The Core, Megan Theodore
Blueberry Pie, Victoria Pulvidente

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Meghan DelGenio
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