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About Us....

The Endicott Review is the print undergraduate literary review at Endicott College. It is also open to submissions from outside Endicott College.To have your work considered send an email to: dsklar@endicott.edu

Faculty Advisor: Dan Sklar
Dan Calnan: Editor-in-Chief
Content Editors: Doug Holder and Kimberly Pavlovich

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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Endicott Review 2018

                                                                  SAMPLE POEMS

By Jenna Gleason

I haven’t slept in years.

I don’t miss it though,

I don’t miss the drowning,

in high tides of deep dreams,

that accompanies me

every time I close my eyes

and surrender to exhaustion.

If anything, I’m happier

without them. Some nights

I take a walk when the rest

of the world is asleep and

the beach is bare, yet awake

with the sound of nature.

The noise is comforting,

I’ve grown to fear the silence

that pervades this campus

after midnight. But, when

my skin intertwines with

sea salt and sanded wind,

and I’m drifting away on top

of the placid ripples of waves,

my body becomes serene,

as if you never left me. I’d like to disappear too but instead I continue on, captive within my own corpse, floating and sinking aimlessly, until you come back to kiss me goodnight.

Rebecca Kenneally

The spiders came out in the night

and left streamers of silver

draped delicately over leaf and stem,

over goldenrod and birch.

I know the party wasn’t for me, but I was honored all the same.