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About Us....

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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Good Life by Stephanie Lane

Good Life  

Spring comes fast and the sun shines bright
I look around and my green eyes have hope
and for one day the world is how it should be
We walk by the newly blooming flowers and hear the birds chirp
Wiping away the harsh winter cold, the beautiful day shows promise
I feel the possibility of new life, new hopes, new love, new beginning
I smile deep in my thoughts and quickly breathe in the fresh air surrounding me
I’m lost in the blue sky and my racing heart as I take your hand
We lie down and look up at the clouds as we feel the warmth on our skin
Innocent memory ensues
And we have this moment to treasure
Before the world gets complicated and one day becomes the next
Before we know pain and hurt of a world without spring...
His eyes look quick and catch mine and I see his smile like never before
For the first time we breathe right
And for the first time we understand the meaning of a good life

----Stephanie Lane  (Spring 2014)

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